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From the community... To the WORLD!"

(Brooklyn's Best Kept Secret!)

Founded, November 14, 1983, by Wayne R. Winston (manager/producer), Non-Stop Production (N.S.P.) is a Brooklyn-based, performing and visual arts organization specifically designed to service the youth. N.S.P.'s purpose is to develop and exhibit the talents of inner-city youth by using six components: Acting, Art and Design, Music, Fashion-Modeling, Dance, and Youth Leadership. Our organization supports the concept of learning through the arts. Therefore, our focus is to emphasize the importance of an education in an advanced learning environment. 

NSP is a multi-media provider, located in Brooklyn, New York.   NSP is the parent company of N.S.P. Youth, Inc.  and Non-Stop Groove Records.  NSP provides a variety of services including Photography, Web Design, Stage Production, and Sound Engineering.  

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